House Rules

 Rules of the House

These rules are part of the full Terms and Conditions. Please agree to the full Terms and Booking Conditions before confirming your reservation.

No pets; no children or infants; no parties; no smoking and no vaping in the lodges.

Check In & Check Out Times 
Check in is from 3.00 pm. Latest check in is 11.00 pm.
Please contact us to enquire about arriving outside these hours.
We kindly ask that you check out by 10 am.
House Rules
  1. The Gallery Lodges are intended for adults to enjoy a peaceful stay. They are not designed for entertaining guests or for behaviour which would disturb any of the other residents, including: loud music or TV, or any other activity which would significantly disturb any of the other guests. All noise and especially outdoor noise after 10pm should be kept to a minimum.
  2. You are permitted one car per lodge. One additional parking space is available by arrangement in the allocated guest parking area. Do not drive or park on the grass.
  3. The maximum occupancy for each room or lodge is 2 adults. No occupant changes mid stay.
  4. We do not permit people under the age of 18 to stay at The Gallery Lodges.
  5. No pets are allowed in any room, lodge or building at any time.
  6. To maintain the peace of the lodges, we ask you to limit any visiting guests to no more than 2 persons. No parties are permitted at any time.
  7. Any guests you have during your stay should leave by 10 pm and they should park in the guest parking area. They are not permitted to park outside the lodges.
  8.  It is forbidden to charge Electric Vehicles (EVs) from ANY of the lodge sockets. This is very important as it contravenes our insurance. The domestic wiring circuits and sockets, as well as the electric supply are not suitable for any EV charging, which may pose serious risks including fire and electrocution.  You should use local charging stations.
  9. You must also comply with any reasonable ‘rules of the house’ laid down by the owner, which have been made to improve the use, safety and enjoyment of the property for all concerned. If the owner does not communicate any such rules to you, you must assume that “normal” rules (such as consideration for neighbour, no malicious behaviour) apply. We reserve the right to enter the property at any reasonable time provided reasonable notice is given to you.
  10. Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside The Gallery Lodges. You must not smoke or vape in any rooms or interfere with our fire detection systems. You must not handle vape liquids and roll loose tobacco inside the lodges, and take reasonable precautions to store it to avoid damage to property.
  11. No drug use.
  12. If you do any of the above mentioned in 10 & 11 this will be regarded as a breach of these booking terms and conditions and we will terminate your booking. We will contact you after your stay to recover any costs incurred due to smoking, vaping or drug use inside the lodges. The costs we incur include our costs for cleaning, including specialist cleaning, repair or replacement of fixtures or furnishing items damaged by you, including damage to and staining of soft furnishings and bedding; the nightly cost of the lodge for any period if is unusable; and our expenses in seeking payment from you.  We may also instruct a third party to recover any costs.
  13. You agree to keep and leave the lodge and the furnishings in good condition and clean the kitchen equipment, crockery and glasses before departure. We understand you may accidentally break an odd glass or pot, please let us know so we can replace these, you will not be charged. Guests are requested to bring any maintenance issues or breakages to our immediate attention.
  14. You must take all reasonable precautions to avoid damage or interference with the lodge property and any items belonging to us.  Malicious, wilful, or negligent damage or interference to our property will be regarded as a breach of these bookings terms and conditions and we will terminate your booking. We will contact you after your stay to recover the costs for any repair, replacement or specialist cleaning we incur if you damage our lodges or property.
  15. On check out the lodge keys should be left according to your Welcome Pack instructions or returned to reception. If you fail to do so, we may charge you for a replacement key or lock as required.  In the event that a key is not returned after check-out we request customers to contact The Gallery Lodges to make arrangement for keys to be returned. Check out is at 10am.
  16. You agree to allow us or any representatives of ours access to the lodge at any reasonable time during your stay for the purpose of essential repairs or in an emergency.

If you do not comply with paragraphs 1 to 16 when staying at our hotel, we may terminate your booking – see Section 6 in terms and conditions.